Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to collect and provide relevant e-commerce (sales figures, conversions etc.) and customer behavior data. By capturing and analyzing this data, site visitors can be turned into regular clients and customers – which may increase your sales significantly.

Take a look at the essential benefits of Google Analytics:

Professional Tracking

of web sites and online shops.


Trustworthy Reports

on customer behavior, target groups, acquisition, e-commerce as well as real-time events.


Privacy Protection

Compliance to privacy protection guaranteed at all times.

Setting up and using Google Analytics’ wide range of functions and information for your business objectives can be very time-consuming. As experts in the online marketing industry, gramercy global media provides support throughout the entire process from account creation to staff training at your location, as well as the efficient usage and data evaluation.


gramercy global media’s Google Analytics Services:


Free Analytics Account

Setup & Configuration

Setup of Goals

Personal Dashboard

Continuous Support

2-3 Hour Staff Training

Tips & Tricks

Your personal contact person, also beyond the installation process


Google Analytics in Practice

Many businesses and clubs already have Google Analytics accounts; however, they do not make use of all the functions. For instance, e-commerce tracking is missing, and goals, funnels, filters, segments, custom reports, notifications and site search, etc. have not been implemented. By only setting them up, the full potential of GA can be reached.

  • Widget “product revenue & amount“: Find out what products are in demand. Those should be placed prominently and can be advertised in newsletters or other campaigns.
  • Widget “user’s by time of day“: Identify times of the day with more/less traffic and plan campaigns at the right time (e.g. sending out newsletters).
  • Customized notifications: automatic notification by email when a certain event occurs, such as the decrease of the conversion rate or purchases declining by 15% compared to the previous week. This can indicate an error on the website.
  • About the target group > geographically; identify top-selling countries/cities and place ads there or open a fan shop.
  • Use URL tags to determine how effective newsletters, banners, Facebook posts, promotions, etc. are.
  • Site search: evaluate search terms and therefore products that are hard to find and should be placed better.
  • Analyze events on the website: click-on stages & teasers, purchases with promotional codes, PDF download catalog, registration, login, visitor purchases, method of payment, contact form, social media clicks, likes.
  • Funnel visualization: Analyze the reasons for cancelling the process of online shopping.

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