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Hanseatic Moving Services

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Hanseatic Moving Services

The Hanseatic Project came to us with a request for a full redesign and atomization on some of the logistics surrounding their services like creating a custom calculator for their users and a custom system for requesting home visits and a fully automized requesting system for quotas and moving services.


What we did
  • Custom Build Calculation System
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom UI Icons
hanseatic moving services
Hanseatic Moving Services Redesign

In the process of redesign, the Hanseatic Moving Services our team had to give the site a modern and updated look build brand awareness that fit a large amount of content and functionality while maintaining key elements like the old logo.

The logo of the company was a big inspiration for the color pallet of the website. To give more dimension to the overall look of the site our team used gradients of monochromatic colors.

The primary font of the website is “Open Sans” using different font weights we managed to pull focuses and highlight critical and important information on the website.

For its modern feel and look we used some of the google material design fundamentals giving more dimension and making it easy to navigate and understand for all of the different kinds of user groups

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Hanseatic Moving Services Redesign

For the Hanseatic Moving Services team, was incredibly important to have a “DIY calculator” witch gives users the ability to add all of the items they want to be handled by the moving company and request a personalized quote which gives detailed information for the moving process, prices and more personalized information to the user.

While our development teamwork on the logistics of the calculator our UI/UX team, work on creating a custom set of icon illustrating all the different types of items that might be needed and also creating an easy to navigate and understand interface so even making the user experience as easy and smooth as possible

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Responsive Enhancement

Using responsive design techniques we’re able to scale down the design of the site appropriately and introduce micro interactions to enhance the mobile browsing experience.

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Hanseatic Moving Services

The main idea of the Hanseatic team was to automize a big chunk of the logistic process of moving and to give a more transparent and personalized experience to their users.

Working closely with the Hanseatic them and expanding on this idea we created a custom system that allows users to put all of the needed information for their move from one place to another.

Our development and UI/UX teams worked closely together to fully realize a system that allows users to request a home visit, book a moving date, see what is the cost of their move is prier and simple fully realizing the main idea of automizeing the logistic process of moving.

While providing a highly personalized and easy to navigate experience to all different types of user groups that build up trust and brand awareness

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